Oculus Lauch Pad 2017

Launch Pad Blog 9/3/17

‘Desert Level scenes’ progress:

‘Alien’ Sound Track:

Final 80’s style Danciverse logo:

Thoughts from week 11:

This weekend we made a lot of progress! Allison has fleshed out all of the scenes at this point, as well as designed a sweet 80’s inspired logo for Danciverse! Rob has been working on a number of different audio tasks, from finalized tracks to coming up with last minute environmental sound effects. I’ve got a fine-tuned laser pointer / event system going I like that works on the store build, after writing and scrapping a couple approaches. Right now, as I write this, the project is re-importing assets for Android. We have a pretty nasty crash… just about every UnityEngine.UI class started throwing red errors in the console. I think this was due to a failed import / something weird with Unity Collaborate. (Good thing I keep backups!) Either way, I’ve managed to recover the project by getting rid of the Library directory, and reimporting everything. Now I’m at the point where I’m sending a build to the phone, and it’s reevaluating all the assets again. It’s been going for about an hour.. It has several gigs to process so I imagine this is going to take a while. While it definitely sucks to have to deal with these kind of setbacks late into the project, to be honest, I expect them at this point. Not that I’m pessimistic, I consider myself more of a realist. This technology, game engines and virtual reality, is bleeding edge stuff that’s complicated and complex.. It’s not for the feignt of heart. That reminds me, a good chunk of my Unity Timeline stuff I planned on using from Unity 5.6 no longer works due to API changes in 2017! So I decided to power level, and I was fortune to find the Unity Unite 2017 talks on the current version of Timeline, published a month ago. This was a very good find! I spent a few hours watching the talks.. And they were great talks with live demos! Now, I’m back up to speed with what I need to do working with the new system.

This final week coming up is about putting the pieces together. Allison and Rob have been working hard to produce art and sound, and I’m doing my best to add them into the game as fast as they are being produced. To be real, I’ve not left my apartment much in the last couple weeks, and I’ve grown a couple Linux-level beards. I’ve given it everything I’ve got to get this far with our VR project, and I’m about to put in another glorious week of work to bring the demo home!

At the end of the day, I feel my personal growth as a VR developer has been everything I could have hoped for. My Oculus publishing is 1000% better than when I began this journey. I feel good about being able to share some of that knowledge back to the OLP community with a couple tutorial videos on publishing. I’m getting good feedback, it’s my pleasure to create these resources, in a way I’m just paying it forward. Also, the understanding I have for mobile development has grown a lot as well.. Sitting in the room with the Unity experts at OLP with Chris teaching was a great kick in the ass for me, that I could step my game up even further (ex: how have I NOT been using the frame debugger?!). Since that time I’ve gone down the rabbit hole and learned so much about optimization that I’m sure it’s going to lead to gains in my Rift projects, as well as future Gear VR projects. We’re already coming up with Gear VR project ideas, some of which are ideas left on the cutting room floor from our work on the Danciverse demo.

Win or lose, OLP has been quite an experience and an honor. To go from messing around with the Oculus DK1 for kicks, to going all in on VR in ‘14, to getting invited to fly out to Oculus HQ at Facebook.. And to be given the gear and support to shine.. Well, I am very grateful for the opportunity, and as such I’ve given it literally everything I’ve got! Win or lose, this has been a great experience. I’m thankful for the opportunity, and I’m thankful for the wonderful people I’ve meet along the way. The end of OLP 2017 may be at hand, but my team and I, we’ve been here since the beginning, and we’re far from done creating VR content, no matter how things play out.

PS. This just in.. the crashed project has been recovered, the build finished after a couple hours, and now works in the headset! WE’RE BACK BABY!

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Allison Schuman, Art Director of BunnyGun Games.