Oculus Lauch Pad 2017

Launch Pad Blog 8/20/17

‘Abduction’ Sound Track:

‘Intro Scene: Bedroom’ progress:

Thoughts from week 9:

Danciverse is in full production! This week has gone by very quickly. I’ve got the command line Gear VR build uploading working nicely… I’ve got an end-to-end publishing workflow where I’m able to upload Danciverse builds to the project’s alpha channel on the Oculus store. I’ve shared the alpha channel build with myself, and the team. Now we go to the Gear VR menu, click the Danciverse icon, and let it update to view the game. What I like about this is that I’m getting the ‘true’ final product experience when I play the game though the GearVR store in this way. One bit of annoying workflow here though, the ‘fastest’ way I’ve found to update the GearVR app is ‘restart’ the running GearVR app, reopen the GearVR app, then click Danciverse in the library.. Which pops up the ‘update warning’ dialogue.. Then let the update run, then it usually has to run the update again (weird), then it usually plays the update. I’m still trying to get the ‘update and preview’ time down faster.. It’s about 2 minutes of playing around with the GearVR app before I can get it to preview. Still, even if that is clunky, the ability to preview the final product on GearVR from build to live in … 10 minutes +/ .. it’s invaluable feedback to me.

This week we took our designs for the intro cut scene, and have been building them out. Allison and I spent the weekend building things. Allison found and imported all the assets we think we’ll need to scene dress our cutscenes. We’re using Unity Collaborate to keep our work in sync across our computers. She’s been collecting, and importing assets as well as set dressing. I’ve been working on features, connecting scene together, and trying to keep just ahead of Rob and Allison. Speaking of Rob.. I setup the project to use Oculus Ambisonics, and they sound amazing! If Rob can peel himself away from Game of Thrones, he should be gathering a list of sound effect files for the scenes we’re working on. Part One for him is to gather the files, part two is to place them into the Unity project, part three the files sync to me, part four I add the files into the scenes using the ambisonics, part five Rob comes over and puts on the Rift headset.. I control the Unity Editor and the values of the audio emitters. In VR, Rob will listen to the sound, and ask me to adjust the values in real time to fine tune it. That’s pretty much our audio integration workflow… at some point we’ll invest in a second Rift headset just for audio work.

This week is going to be great. Tomorrow, solar eclipse at the winery. After that, VR development for days!

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Allison Schuman, Art Director of BunnyGun Games.