Oculus Lauch Pad 2017

Launch Pad Blog 8/13/17

Unity 3D assets for Danciverse: Scene I:

  • our favorite rabbit:
  • horse sculpture an a
  • sport equipment
  • wall clock
  • more bedroom furnitu
  • props including wind
  • EXAMPLE: VHS tapes o
  • EXAMPLE: find a free
  • dragon sculpture
  • nice dresser
  • toy cars
  • dresser and other be
  • bed and nightstands
  • robot toy
  • robot toy
  • teddy bear
  • toy rocket on dresse
  • EXAMPLE: find free v
  • horse- turn it pink
  • arcade machines

80’s Inspiration Mood Board:

  • 80's Arcades at the
  • Mad Max parody: Angr
  • 80's Style Text Mock
  • Various work from 20
  • Made in the 80s™.
  • Mountain Lines
  • 80s logo collection
  • back to the 80s vibe
  • 80s Text Effects
  • 80's Retro Graphic S
  • Unofficial Drive Pos
  • תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪Th
  • overglow-04
  • Daily Inspiration 16
  • Uzicopter: 80s Inspi
  • Star Traveler 80s-re
  • Outrun Europa by Ves
  • תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪Co
  • Killian Eng, the Gri
  • Star Wars Logo - Sta
  • The new fan's guide
  • Once again...80's mo
  • The Best '80s Movies

Thoughts from Week 8:

We took our level concepts from last week, and reviewed the assets we have available. Allison found several good assets for mobile that have potential to tell our story. She presented them by Chrome casting them to a TV, and we reviewed them on the screen. We all talked about what worked, what didn’t, and what to save for next time.

The main theme of the first scene, the bedroom, is going to be set in the 80s. Allison put together some iconic and classic 80s elements on a pinterest board. The team is taking our favorite icon 80s tributes and putting them into the room. The room implies two kids share the room, maybe a brother and a sister.

We spent time fixing some sound hardware, and we planned different objects in the scene we want to give environmental audio, as well as ambient audio and sound track. The first scene doesn’t actually have a sound track, although we’re probably going to do a bit with a radio.

I’m glad I was able to attend the OLP office hours this week. There was a lot of good information shared. I was able to ask Chris a few general questions and got some good answers. He talked about spatialized audio in a way that has convinced me to reconsider using the stock unity environmental audio. I have actually implemented the Oculus spatialized audio but I was unclear to what exacting standards the audio files needed to be created. In the meeting, I learned the requirements, (48khz, mono) for good spatialized audio is straightforward.

I’ve spent some time training with Rob, getting him to dive in and try Unity for doing his own sound work. As I build the scene, we have a plan to make it easy for him to adjust the sound. The better Rob gets at doing his own Unity3d audio work, the less I have to manage. The tools I’ve wrote to let him work in Unity sound will need a slight modification to incorporate the spatialized audio, but it’s hours not weeks, so I’ll go forward with it. We’re using Unity Collaborate to manage the synchronization of the project files. I’m looking forward to waking up, pulling a build, and hearing new sound! One more note about Unity Collab, we’re going to attempt to use it to sync files with Art as well. My thought is, for at least this small project, keeping the PSD assets in the project may work out nicely. Allison can work on the PSD files with Photoshop, and not have to deal with Unity too much directly. The first task at this is going to be designing some 80s parody posters.. We have some funny ideas for this.

Me? It was a solid week of web development. I was able to finish all my ‘sprint’ assignments, and then the additional waterfall of ‘last minute items’ that appeared. Special thanks to Trello and Git. Trello for keeping the stars aligned, and the compass north, and Git for allowing me the freedom to move quickly, break code, and reverse it. I shaved today, I think it was the first time in a week. I even took a nap.

This week marks the first full week I’ll get to dedicate to working on this game. I’m looking forward to it !

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Allison Schuman

Allison Schuman, Art Director of BunnyGun Games.